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Our Story starts in 2012 with an observation made by Sebastian Strote when he was still a high school student at Sierra Canyon.


Sebastian saw kids selling individual crayons on the streets. Surprised by what he observed, he asked his mom why this was happening. His mom explained that impoverished children could not afford to buy coloring pencils or crayons.


After returning to his home in Los Angeles, California, Sebastian started a campaign collecting color pencils and coloring supplies from various schools. Several months later, Sebastian and his mom organized an event in Barranquilla-Colombia to distribute the collected crayons, water colors, coloring pencils and coloring books to children living in barrios below the poverty line. It was during this event that Sebastian, seeing the 80 plus kids who came to receive the supplies, said; "I thought we were coming here, just to distribute these coloring supplies; but now, seeing them, how can we abandon them?“


The idea of building a Clubhouse for these kids was born!

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